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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities


Weekly Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats are held every Sunday at 7pm. Please visit our Facebook group page for subjects and guest speakers.

Wellness Workshops

Wherever your interest lies, we are probably planning a workshop that will fall right into it. From arts & crafts and photography, to chair yoga to nutrition. If you can't find it on our list, let us know what interests you and if we can find enough "like-minds" who want to participate, we will pull it together. NOTE: 10 or more participants are required to have a workshop. Tell your friends!

You're Not Alone

Need Someone to talk to?

Unfortunately, the impact disability has on one’s mental health is way too often overlooked. It seems that many believe poor mental health is simply a “side effect” of having a disability and is often left untreated. According to the CDC (American), “if your mental health gets in the way of your daily activities for at least 14 days in a month” you should reach out for help. It’s OK to not be OK. Reach out.


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