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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

NBCPD Participates in The Mural Mosaic’ Global Roots Project

NBCPD Participates in The Mural Mosaic’ Global Roots Project
This is the logo of Canada Connects. It is a green circle with the word CANADA in the middle and six little trees above the word Canada.
Image is from the Canada Connects website.
This is a photo showing people posing in front of previous years' mosaic tiles. Included are Courtenay, BC, Saskatook, SK, Edmonton, AB, Toronto, ON, Mount Stewart, PED and Dartmouth, NS
Photos are from the Canada Connects website.
This is a photo of one of the previous mosaic murals. It is a tree made up a hundreds of mosaic tiles.
Photo from the Canada Connects Website

If there ever was a time when the world needs reconnecting, well it certainly is now. And art certainly has a way to transcend and go beyond any belief, disability, gender, race, and yes, even borders. The Mural Mosaic’s Global Roots International Arts Project to Reconnect the World is aiming to do just that – reconnecting people. And we at NBCPD wanted to be part of that, and have signed up to the Canadian leg of the project called Canada Connects.

NBCPD has purchased tiles which will be distributed to some of our members who have shown to have an interest in art. Each one has a dedicated color and once completed will be sent to Canada Connects prior to the deadline of September 30 2024.

The tiles will be carefully placed in the Mural Mosaic, that will be displayed as a tree, by the inventor of Mural Mosaic and artist Lewis Lavoie. They will go one one at a time according to shape, color, contract, depth and shadow. The “draft” will be done by the artist online and after the deadline, there will be an announcement of where the physical location of the mural will be! This production takes between 9 to 18 months to complete, so it is no small task!

NBCPD is so proud to be part of this! And we really look forward to finding out where this mural will be this year! It will be going up during the Winter season of 24/25 at the yet undisclosed location. In the past, murals have been displayed in the following:

  • Courtenay, BC
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Toronto, ON
  • Dartmouth, NS
  • Mount Stewart, PEI

It sure would be nice to see one in New Brunswick, don’t you all think? If you would like to see this happen, contact your city and tell them that the New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities is participating and they are hoping they will submit an application to host the mural! It would be a stunning addition to any one of our cities, towns or villages!

To know more about Canada Connects, please visit their website!

We will keep you posted on this thread and show you our finished tiles! To participate as a member, please contact Cass Maz and see if there are still tiles available! She can be reached at or through Facebook at and see her on you YouTube channel here. Once all tiles have been assigned, a paint night (via zoom) will be scheduled for the participating members!

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