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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

NBCPD Members Accessibility Equipment Pay It Forward Blog

NBCPD Members Accessibility Equipment Pay It Forward Blog

Please send your item information to

Are you starting some spring cleaning? Looking to get rid of an accessibility item that has been collecting dust for years? Why not pay it forward to another member.
Rules of pay it forward:
***The NBCPD holds no responsibility for the condition of items, communication between individuals, etc.  We are simply allowing a place for items to be posted. 
****All items must be free- This is not for selling or trading- just people looking to give away FREE of Charge accessibility/ disability items for members.
****You must be a member of the NBCPD to post on the Pay it Forward blog
****This is for accessibility/ Disability aids only;  no craft supplies, no furniture, etc
****Absolutely no animals to be paid forward (service or emotional support).
****Please ensure that you are not putting up an item provided to you by SD (or any other funding source) for which you signed an agreement stating it must be returned to them. 
The NBCPD wants to thank in advance all who participate/ use Pay it Forward for following these rules.

Photos of a gray shower chair.  Words: "to give away to a good home in SJ area. New shower chair. Contact Judy Mae on our facebook page.

Photos of two ventilation fans.  Words: to give away to a good home in Fredericton or SJ- Box fan and small table top fan. Contact shelley by DM or email

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