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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

High Priority Disaster Response Registry – Fredericton NB

High Priority Disaster Response Registry – Fredericton NB
Image shows a fire and two fire fighters

The Canadian Hurricane Centre is predicting an active hurricane season for the Atlantic Provinces this Summer. Nobody likes to hear this – except perhaps the random thrill-seeking storm chaser – we know you’re out there and get out of Peggy’s Cove please! But highest of all on the dislike scale you will find people with disabilities, people of advanced age and anyone who is deemed to be at a disadvantage when it comes to emergency evacuations. Whatever might be the case – fires, extreme weather, even acts of war – it is no secret that we need help. The City of Fredericton has done something about this so that their residents in need of help do not feel stranded in the case of an emergency. The High Priority Disaster Response Registry was created prior to the Covid pandemic, but for whatever reason just did not get off the ground. As of a few weeks ago, only SIX people had registered! Moving forward, the NBCPD will be helping with the promotion of this registry and supporting efforts to have this very important service available across the province.

If you are in the Fredericton area and may need assistance, please register here:

Not in Fredericton? Please contact your city or the fire department in your area and make it known that this is desperately needed! We demand to be safe!

We have been informed that the City of Moncton and Saint John are already working on implementing this system and should be up and running within 18 months.

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