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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Disability Without Poverty (DWP) Outreach to Shape the CDB

Disability Without Poverty (DWP) Outreach to Shape the CDB
Image is a promotional poster with the words written in bold SHAPE THE CDB, featuring the logo of NBCPD on the right side of the poster. At the very bottom of the poster the words In Partnership with Disability Without Poverty

NBCPD is (the only) partner of Disability Without Poverty in New Brunswick, and as a partner we are committed to assist them in reaching as many people with disabilities as possible to help shape the Canada Disability Benefit. DWP has launched a cross-Canada project focused on outlining the priorities, values and recommendations of people with disabilities in order to shape the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB). This will help policy-makers and government officials understand the needs and perspectives of this population and be sure the CDB reflects those needs.

The project is taking place in three phases:

1. An online questionnaire focused on values and priorities. Take the questionnaire here. Questionnaire closes on November 17, please do it now! At this step, you are also asked to send an email to your local MP, and by using the template in this link here, it will also automatically copy Chrystia Freeland (Minister of Finance), Justin Trudeau (PM) and Kamal Khera (Minister of Diversity, Inclusion & Persons with Disabilities).

2. Guided peer-to-peer conversations. (not launched yet)

3. A second online process focused on the details, so that they can test what they learned. (to come)

DWP will share an interim report and a final report on their website, with their stakeholders and with government. They are working hard to get representation from hard-to-reach populations and are hoping you the public can help!

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