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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Covid… It May No Longer Be a Concern For MOST, But…

Covid… It May No Longer Be a Concern For MOST, But…

Although the news clip contained in this blog is from an American network and the data presented within the clip is also from the United States, the sentiment expressed throughout might as well be from CANADIANS with disabilities. As all or most of the Covid measures get lifted, many of us who are immunocompromised still find ourselves in the grip of fear of being infected by this ever-evolving virus that could cost us our lives. For those who once had something akin to a social life, they now find themselves sitting at home because spending an evening at a bar with friends is too big of a risk of an exposure taking place. They find themselves isolated and lonely, spending most of their time online or with their pets – if they are lucky enough to afford them.

Watch this clip from PBS News Weekend where they cover this subject. Listen to the poignant testimonies and tell us if you see yourself in these commenters. Disclaimer: Please note that our website is a public space and anything shared can be viewed by the general public.

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