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What to say when communicating with your MP

Whether writing a letter or calling your MP, the most important thing your representative needs to hear is how important accessible books and CELA services are to you. Plan to share how accessible reading materials impact your life, your studies, your work, and your health. Heartfelt statements are very persuasive. Consider writing about how accessible reading materials impacts your:

  • education, either formal or informal,

  • economic situation,

  • ability to stay informed about the world around you,

  • ability to connect with others in your community and with your culture,

  • ability to engage in hobbies and activities

Some suggested sentence starters:

  • Being able to read books in accessible format allows me…

  • Access to the accessible books, magazines and newspapers available through CELA means…

  • Accessible reading materials are important to me because…

Find your MP here:

Download DOCX • 14KB

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