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NBCPD - The Year That Was 2021

Well, it's been one interesting year, that's for sure! Now that we are starting a brand new year, we felt it was a good time to look back upon "The Year That Was 2021", for the NBCPD! Some people might think of 2021 as a challenging year - which it was - but being part of the NBCPD means looking back at the progress we have made and looking forward to a lot more in 2022. Every day we try to "push our agenda", and that's to see a more inclusive NB for everyone with every type of disability. Not just those disabilities you can see! But all of them! And a NB where being disabled won't mean living in poverty. We feel that by supporting each other, being kind to each other (which so many of you are showing us every day through this group!) and encouraging each other - we WILL arrive at a better place in NB! And every day we see proof that a group like NBCPD was needed in NB. Every time one person comes to us and says "I feel listened to in this group like in no other". THIS is also for what what we strive.

A big thank you to Shelley for sitting down with her calendar and putting this document together! She's our rock! And she rocks!

The Year That Was
Download PDF • 350KB

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