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NBCPD Advocates Beach Accessibility at Parlee Beach!

We were recently contacted by someone who had concerns over the wheelchair accessibility at Parlee Beach in Shediac. So what is NBCPD to do? We pack up the van and go to the beach to investigate! There, i was greeted by several very friendly lifeguards who were ready and willing to answer questions and help! It turned out that one of their platforms had sand that was not cleared. It is however important to point out, that this was one of many platforms and ramps and the others were all clean. That said, however, the staff quickly got to work cleaning the surface and were very understanding and showed compassion.

Here is a video of us talking with the lifeguard, Simon, and explaining why we are there.

We then got down to business of visiting the rest of the beach. It's a lovely place. Here are some of the other ramps and platforms.

There is also a wheelchair accessible bathroom building that is being built. It was supposed to be finished July 1st. Not sure yet if this deadline was met.

And then, Simon the lifeguard showed me their wheelchair beach chairs!

All in all a fantastic visit! Thank you Simon and Parlee Beach for the nice visit!

Here is an article and video from Global News about the improvements being made to Parlee Beach with the help of government funding.

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