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Know Me Campaign

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The NBCPD has launched its Know Me Campaign so that fellow New Brunswickers really get to know the people behind their advocacy efforts. They are more than "people with disabilities". They are first and foremost PEOPLE. People with interests. People with challenges. People with loved ones. People trying to live their lives the best way that they can. Know us.

If you wish to be featured, please become a member (go to membership tab) and send us your information at !

June 6th - Kathleen Leger (Housing Rep on Board)

June 7th - Danny Robichaud - Member and Occasional Game Host

Shelley Petit, Chair of the Coalition

June 10th - Carly Louise Dewitt (Rep for Mental Health on Board)

June 11 th - Judith Johnson (Member)

June 13th - Nathan (Member)

June 14th - Crystal (Member)

June 15th, Kaitlyn (Social Media)

June 16th, Shawna (Transportation)

June 17th, Ted (Finance, Volunteer Coordinator)

June 18th, Cas (member)

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