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Invitation for Recommendations from the Select Committee on Accessibility in NB

The Select Committee on Accessibility in New Brunswick, an all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly, is responsible, in accordance with Motion 78, for conducting consultations with community stakeholders involved with the disability community and reporting to the Legislative Assembly with recommendations. The purpose of Motion 78 is to generate recommendations for how government can proactively eliminate and prevent barriers to ensure greater opportunities and access to services for persons with disabilities, and ensure New Brunswickers receive services that are accessible to all, may move freely around public buildings and spaces, have access to all employment opportunities and accessible workplaces, have access to digital content and technologies, and receive barrier free services and spaces. The Select Committee on Accessibility in New Brunswick invites written briefs from members of the public with recommendations to address the challenges outlined in Motion 78. Written briefs may be a maximum of five (5) pages in length and may be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail before December 31, 2021. Written briefs may be submitted in the official language of your choice; however, the Committee would appreciate receiving briefs in both official languages where possible.

Office of the Clerk Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

P.O. Box 6000

Fredericton, New Brunswick

E3B 5H1

Telephone: 506 453-2506 Fax: 506 453-7154

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