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What is a Disability?

It is important to note that when the Coalition says "disability", we are not talking about one particular disability.

Priority # 1

Income & Employment

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Fact #1 - Social

Assistance rates for

single persons with

disabilities in New


are the lowest in


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Fact #2 - Statistics Canada,

in 2013, set the low income threshold for a single person at a level of $21,201 yearly income. When adjusted with the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator to get the equivalent for 2017, one gets $22,458 yearly income. People with disabilities in NB get $$9,528.


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Fact #1 - Most city bus schedules are not adapted to people who may

have learning disabilities or who

are visually impaired.

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Fact #2 - An able-bodied person

living in Moncton can get

an unlimited monthly bus pass

for $65.00, while the same

amount will get a mobility

challenged person in the same

city only 12 round-trips per


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Fact # 3 - If a person who

uses a power wheelchair lives in a rural

area, most of these do not have

accessible transit. This leaves them with

no other option, to get to medical

appointments, than to buy a

wheelchair accessible van. 

A vehicle which can cost upwards of $70,000.00.  To put things in perspective,

a Audi A5 Coupé starts at


Priority # 2

Priority # 3

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Fact #1 - Because people

receiving a provincial

disability pension fall under

the "welfare umbrella",

if they get married they

will likely lose not only

their monthly income,

but also all personal


Disability Supports & Housing

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Private Home Support Workers

(PHSW) begin at minimum

wage with no benefits from

the (government).  

It makes it almost impossible

for anyone to keep the same

worker for any length of