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Shelley Petit

Shelley has spent most of her career as French Immersion teacher, but in 2019 her Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) worsened and she is now mostly housebound. All fragrances and chemicals used to develop fragrance make her sick. When inside, she likes knitting, reading and baking. When she can get outside, she loves gardening and taking bike rides on isolated trails. She is a long term member of Girl Guides of Canada. Although she can no longer work with the girls, she trains on a national level and is an advocate for persons with disabilities, and most especially MCS and Autism.

Vice Chair

Roger Lewis

Roger was born & raised in Nova Scotia and relocated to Saint John to work for Xerox.  He is very passionate about outdoor  photography & loves to do small woodwork projects and making vintage furniture beautiful again.  Roger is married and has an adorable grand daughter and loves animals. 


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and Communications

Murielle Pitre

Murielle has spent most of her career at ExxonMobil, but started her work life at Canadian Paraplegic Association and Canadian Rehabilitation Council for The Disabled. She has studied Communications, has dabbled in graphic arts & photography, and enjoys writing and liaising with the media.  Murielle has Spina Bifida.


Sylvie Roy


Kaitlyn Layden, Responsible of Social Media Content

Social Media

Kaitlyn Layden

Kaitlyn lives with Cerebral Palsy, but she does not let that

stop her!  She recently completed the Business Abilities Program offered by Ability NB, and started her own little keepsake business.  She is a strong self advocate and has been fighting to change Policy 6.1 from Social Development.  This policy impacts a person with a disability's right to marry and keep their services.

April Levesque, Responsible of Fundraising
April Levesque

April is a proud mother of 3 girls and works part time

at the Edmundston public library since 2013. She is also

Provincial Coordinator for People First of New Brunswick,

a non-profit organization for people with intellectual

disabilities. She believes in NBCPD because she shares

their values and feels they will make of New Brunswick a

place of equity/fairness.

Jakki Petricca, Responsable of Parents and Youth with Disabilities

Parents & Children with

disabilities Liaison



Jakki Petricca

Mother of two special needs kids, Jakki is a graduate from Human Services Foundation & Social Services (2004 &

2007 respectively).  Worked in mental health residential and community programs, mental health education and suicide prevention.  She has been a resident of NB since 2014 and

has been advocating for her child.  She is also a member of Cannabis for Sick Children Canada and TS Canada. 

Gerry Harris


Kathleen Leger


Cass Maz

Born in Fredericton, Cass grew up in the village of Gagetown with her hard-working dad and independent mother, along with her twin sister and a younger sister. She has a niece and nephew who she loves very much. Cass experienced a stroke at the age of 22 and became an artist at 26.  She is planning on attending New Brunswick College of Craft & Design in Fall of 2021.

Shawn Nowlan