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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Archive de documents

Archive de documents
Federal SurveysSurveys Currently in Circulation Related to Federal Government Policies 2024-2025 Pre-Budget Consultation (Expires Feb. 29 …
Provincial Surveys    Let’s Talk Budget – Expired February 9th Go Barrier Free (NBCC) – Expires …
Human Rights’ Commission of NB – Guideline on Accommodating People With Service AnimalsGuidelineonAccommodatingPeoplewithServiceAnimals HRC CDP201702Download
Information Brief – Guaranteed Income for Persons with Disabilities in NBBasic Income Policy Brief 2021Download
Information Brief – Employment & DisabilityEmployment Brief 2021Download
Information Brief – Disability, Social Assistance and Housing Policies in Canadian ProvincesHousehold Inc Prov Scan 2021 (1)Download
Information Brief – Infrastructure Barriers to Accessible TransportationInfrastructure Transit 2021 BriefDownload
Information Brief – Employment & DisabilityPoverty Disability Information Brief 2021Download
Letter to Premier Higgs – Household Income PolicyLetter To Premier Higgs(1)(1)(2)Download
NBCPD Recommendations – Motion 78 (“NB Accessibility Act”)NBCPD Motion 78Download
Découvrez ce qu’une seule voix peut faire.FR NBCPD Trifold BrochureDownload
Trifold – See What One Voice Can Do.NBCPD Trifold BrochureDownload
L’isolation social au sein de la population en situation d’handicap et la Covid19(FR) University St Thomas Social Placement IsolationDownload
Social Isolation Among Persons with Disabilities and Covid19Isolation St Thomas U Social StudyDownload
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