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New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities

Blog Post Request

Blog Post Request
Image is a cartoon depictions of a person sitting at a desk and writing. Person has pen in hand, is dressed in blue and sits in a wheelchair. The desk is gray and there is a blue lamp on the desk.

Do you represent an organization and would love to chat with our members in one of our “Coffee Chats”? Do you have an idea for a disability-related blog post? Maybe you have seen some great accessibility feature while out and about and would like to give the place a SHOUT-OUT for being so AWESOME! Or…maybe you have seen an EPIC accessibility fail and would like to share with us – whether it be for education or a good giggle – it all will amount to adding some awareness out in the world!

Send us your story, or your information, and we will let you know if it has been picked for publishing on our website or to be part of one of our Coffee Chat sessions!

*Note: Response will not be immediate.

Do You Have An Idea For a Blog Post?

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