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Dear Friend,


We are looking for advocacy champions from all regions of New Brunswick to join us in a new cross-disability advocacy group to defend the rights of people living with disabilities in our province. 


Our group is now incorporated under the name of New Brunswick Coalition of Persons with Disabilities (NBCPD). The NBCPD’s mission is to be a voice for all New Brunswickers living with disabilities.

The ultimate vision would be to achieve a New Brunswick where people with disabilities would all have access to an adequate standard of living, have access to suitable supports to be able to fully and equally participate in society. 


The group will be a non-partisan and collaborative one: working hand in hand with all sectors in our communities, recommending the best solutions from the best practices found in Canada and abroad. The group will be results-driven, working on a few priority issues at a time to increase impact and chance of success.


Membership Application Form

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