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Accessible ramp at Hopewell Rock in Hopewell, NB.

NBCPD was created FOR people with disabilities BY people with disabilities, with a board 80% composed by people with various disabilities.   Out of a need for a voice to represent those with disabilities in the province of New Brunswick was born the idea of this newly created non-partisan organization.  Our goal?  To achieve a New Brunswick where people with disabilities would all have access to an adequate standard of living, have access to suitable supports to be able to fully and equally participate in society.


We are here to be your voice, we are here to be your strength when you feel there is no more fight left in you. We will keep fighting for you when you can't.  And when you are ready do join us in the fight, we will welcome you with open arms. 

Who We Are and Why We're Here


See What One Voice Can Do.

Social Justice

According to the Oxford Dictionary's definition, social justice is "The objective of creating a fair and equal society in which each individual matters, their rights are recognized and protected, and decisions are made in ways that are fair and honest."  That describes perfectly what the NBCPD wants to see for people with disabilities in New Brunswick. To be on an equal playing field, those with disabilities sometimes require a bit of help; whether it be with income for those who are unable to work because of their disability, help with accessible transportation or housing, or funding to obtain the rehabilitative equipment they require to lead a productive life. Ever person matters. As a province, we must strive to leave nobody behind.


Wellness, mental health & recreation

In a post Covid19 world, we know that the mental health of many will be fragile.  Whether it be struggling with some form of PTSD caused by the isolation of the pandemic, trying to adjust to being out in the world again, or accepting that while others are back out there, they are still coping with their own everyday normal of isolation. People with disabilities have been hit hard by the pandemic.  Many rely on in-home care that was just not available or in short supply.  Many could not afford the healthy food required to be in fighting form if they were to contract the virus.  Once the pandemic is behind us, we want to encourage those who can go out by keeping them up-to-speed on what's out there for them and accessible.  If they need to stay in a little longer, we'll be there for them with virtual activities. 


Disability awareness is the key that will open doors.  Whether it be to a better standard of living financially, better access to services or an equal chance to participate fully in society including working, studying and playing on an equal footing with others, it all starts with knowledge and understanding.  NBCPD represents all disabilities, visible and invisible and will help you get connected to the right resources.   Our services include:

- Access to disability awareness training
- Networking with other agencies
- Accessibility Investigations
- Data compilation
- Meetings with government officials

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What is a Disability?

It is important to note that when the Coalition says "disability", we are not talking about one particular disability.

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“I have been trying to advocate for myself of 7 years. Finally a group of people who listen to me”


Board Member